New Ideas

A new idea has growing up and be available in our company aloula company we have partner in construction work (Arfen construction,
Turkish companies have good history in construction work all around the world
We have planned to introduce our selves to Libyan market to handle projects in healthcare sector from A-Z that does will include as below:
1.     Renovation and  new construction work
2.     Flooring   (Intelligent flooring solutions).
       Ø  Pvc vinyl antistatic and conductive flooring
       Ø  Carpet flooring         
       Ø  Laminate flooring
       Ø  Raised flooring  (laminate)
       Ø  Intercell flooring (carpet)
       Ø  Epoxy flooring
3.     Ceiling.
         Ø Hpl ceiling: for healthcare sector (OP, ICU, X-RAY rooms, laboratories and all sensitive sections That’s

  need special ceiling with European standard.
         Ø Aluminum tile (60x60) antibacterial .
         Ø Gypsum board ceiling
         Ø Wood ceiling
4.     Wall coating (cladding).
         v Partition walls (glass and aluminum partition )
         v Cladding wall with:
                  Ø   Hpl panel. (X-ray protected )
                  Ø   Antibacterial  paint.
                  Ø   Gypsum board.
                  Ø   Wallpaper
                  Ø    Packaging facades of buildings
5.        Hospital Furniture.
6.        Medical equipment.
7.        Doors and windows hospital.
8.        Air condition and laminar flow system.
9.        Medical gas system (air and oxygen equipment).
10.      Wall and corner protection systems and Expansion joint profiles.
11.      Accessories for hospitals & main system.
         I.         Lighting system.
         II.        Nurse calls system.
         III.       Fire alarm system.
         IV.       Electricity system.